The world of the street performers. A photography book project.

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Project, Street Performers, Street Photography, The Book
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The world of Street performers. Documentary photo book project

The world of Street performers. Documentary photo book project

Since over a year I started working on my photography documentary book which titled “Street performers around the world” the book and from its title is about covering the street performers and artists (singers, musicians, painters, pavement artists and others) daily life in form of a photography book includes interviewing street performers and artists in many cities in the world.

We all see street performers and artists in cities streets  performing their art with a hat, a cup or a box in front of them to collect money from who ever willing to pay something to support, this book is to discover their own world, the struggles, challenges, dreams and their individual stories and most of all something about their art and talents.

While the title says “Around the world’ it actually will cover the following cities, Berlin, Freiburg, Rome, Paris, London, Athens, Istanbul, Morocco, Cairo

Why those 9 cities? in fact the only reason that I have friends and people in those cities that are able to provide me the necessary assistance required.

The book will cover from 5 to 10 street performers in each city, each street performer will be artistically photographed and interviewed.

This book-project is currently suffers from the lack of the sufficient fund to be completed, processed and published, That’s why I started a crowd funding project on rocket hub.

Backers/ supporters will be mentioned by name with a special thank you in the book and will receive a free Electronic and hard copies plus a high quality print poster of the book cover with free shipping.

Hope you all will help me to bring this book to life.

To visit this project funding page please click here

Note: if you are interested in funding this project, and you are a photographer based in any of the mentioned cities , then you are welcome to participate by your own photographs and interviews with your city’s street performers, your work will be added to the book with all credential to you and also your  Bio.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the contact form below to contact me, I will be happy to answer all your questions.
Thank you.


© 2014 Street performers around the world – lotofphotography. All rights reserved.


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